Forget Subscriptions, WhatsApp is now free. Forever. 

I remember back in 2012 when I joined WhatsApp, it was a buzz and everyone was so excited about it. Hoevever, as a Zimbabwean, I’d always be bothered about the ‘you have 1 year of service remaining‘ and then the

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How Safari became my default browser?

Since I used an iPhone, a Mac and an iPad, my pre-installed browser is Safari. I also know that Apple does a lot of under hood improvements as part of harmonising the experience of software and hardware, or so says Sir Jony Ive. So why Safari? Here’s my two cents….

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A heads up for WhatsApp Plus users

Okay,  as I type this,  things aren’t looking too good for me. I’ll be offline from the well known app for the rest of the night and for the better part of tomorrow. Seems WhatsApp, Inc.  is not so pleased

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How about I make a business?

Basically all my life, I’ve seen myself as a person who is business minded. I shunned the motive to do sciences at Form 3 and went for the so-called ‘commercials.’ Good things, I liked it there… and after reading about

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Is this iDevice stolen? Get answers before you buy!

Okay this is gonna be short and sweet. We all love iPhone (if not Android) and at times we get some ridiculous deals when we wanna buy them. Just a few weeks ago a friend of mine almost splashed $250

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If You Are a Blogger, this Add-on is For You!

ScribeFire Logo I have been a blogger since long back. Okay, by ‘I have been a blogger…‘ I mean I was an owner of a blog. I recently used some funny sites like Yola that promised me a website in

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A Rundown of the Mozilla Zimbabwe #MakerParty

Well, it’s a known fact to all Mozillians that there’s a period of Maker Parties all over the world during the period July 15 to Sept. 15. Apparently, yesterday, Mozilla Zimbabwe had their own #MakerParty. It was my very first

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